How Plinqit works.

We have put together our most frequent questions, however if you have any additional questions please contact us via the secure message center within Plinqit or by emailing   We reply within 1 business day.

How does Plinqit work?

 Plinqit is a savings platform that is designed to help you save more. Once you sign up for Plinqit, you will have the opportunity to get paid to save and learn about money. That’s right! You can get paid to learn about money with topics such as buying your first home, building your credit score, and investing. Throughout the process of saving with Plinqit, you will remain in complete control of how much money you choose to save and when you choose to save it. 

Is my financial information secure?

 Absolutely. Data security is our top priority. Plinqit uses industry-leading RSA 256-bit encryption technology. 

Are there any fees for using Plinqit?

 There are no service fees to use Plinqit. While setting up your goal you may choose to select a penalty to discourage yourself from early withdrawal. If you do select a penalty, a reward will also be set to payout when you complete your goal. If selected, penalties are charged each time you ‘break the bank’, however, rewards are only paid out once at goal completion. 

Where are my Plinqit savings held?

 Your funds are held with Timberland Bank which makes Plinqit available to you at no cost. 

Are my Plinqit savings FDIC or NCUA insured?

 Absolutely. Your funds are held with Timberland Bank and are FDIC insured. 

What can I use to fund my Plinqit savings?

 A U.S. checking account owned by you. 

Can I change my funding account during a goal?

 Yes! First, withdraw all of your available funds back into the checking account that funded your goal. Once the funds are successfully transferred reach out to to link to your new account and continue saving!

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